LICC (London International Creative Competition) 2020
Creative Quarterly 60 : Runner-up


This illustration was inspired by the song, “Creep”.
According to Thom Yorke, “Creep” tells the tale of an inebriated man who tries to get the attention of a woman to whom he is attracted by following her around. In the end, he lacks the self-confidence to face her and feels he subconsciously is her.

Illustration West 58 (Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles 2019)

Dangerous Trump
An illustration of one of New York Times article, “Trump is too dangerous for twitter”
To emphasize how dangerous Trump is, when he is doing twitter, I used on only 2 limited color, and dramatic scale change to show the strong contrast of Trump and city.

Class Reference : Notorious, Jim Salvati 

Fight Club (Silkscreen 19 x 28)
The movie “Fight Club” interpretation. I focused on strong masculinity. I used only 2 colors and simple shapes to show my concept effectively.

LICC (London International Creative Competition)  | 2019

Art Center Gallery  | Fall 2019

Alfred Hitchcock
The portrait of Alfred Hitchcock. He is surrounded by the objects in his movies, "Psycho", "The Birds" and "Rare Window".

Kurt Cobain
This illustration was inspired of the song, "The man who sold the world" , Kurt Cobain version. I did music interpretation and drew Kurt Cobain portrait. Kurt Cobain similarly struggled with his own self identity. I drew the moment the two identities, who was before being famous and after being famous, is facing each other.

My brother always dozes since he was a teenager and keeps buying lots of toys for my nephews. I drew my brother dozing surrounded by tons of toys and his sons. My youngest nephew is dozing like his dad and my first nephew is playing a game like my brother was into playing a games.

Art Center Gallery  | Spring 2019

Dinner Party
This project is based on one of colorchip names, “Dinner Party.” I designed the book cover based on my imaginary story using only 3 given colors. The food on the plate is not just food. The shape of food is a human figure. One of the people in this dinner party will be murdered by someone. Who will be killed? Who will be the murderer? I made a title sequence based on this storyline.

The music festival “Burning Man” poster – The concept is networking and communication.

Find Me!
This is children's book for under 10 age. The storyline is that the little kid wanted to play hide and seek with his mom. The boy hided and his mom looked for her son. While she was looking for her son, she found the several cute crime scene. His mom pretended not to find him to surprise her son. Finally she found her son and the boy was very excited. He wanted to play it again.

All artwork © copyright Yunsun Joo