A bear explores the worlds.
1. Trekking the desert 
2. Climbing the mountain
3. Exploring the jungles 
4. Roaming around woods
5. Through the treetops
6. Into the skies
7. Taking a dive
One day, a bear decided to explore the world. When he was exploring the jungles, he found ants. When he roaming around woods, he saw beautiful flowers and met a butterfly. The other day,  he was climbing the mountain to see the sunrise. When he was trekking the desert, he felt loneliness. He was taking a dive and look at the treetops on a sunny day. At night, he looked at stars.


Incredible Creatures
1. A rhinoceros beetles on the leaf
2. A fox walking in Winter
3.A dragon with smog
4. A dinosaur on the ground
5. A imaginary creature in the woods

All artwork © copyright Yunsun Joo